Top secret

Sorry not posted for so long, not really been myself I have not wanted to post about myself.. have a rough few weeks, I got really ill with my sinuses and have been on antibiotics which have put me in mood swings and I have had other smaller things to deal with but when you are on your own miles from your family it is hard to deal with it all by yourself. I have had a lovely friend, yes a boy I may add who has come over to see me the last few weeks every other night just for cuddles to keep me company while I have been getting better and it has been lovely, but he has gone back to work and I have no work I think I am boring myself to death right now..

not me in the picture

It has been a long dream of mine to want to do wedding planner and after finally meeting a girl who I totally connect with on the same wave length, thinks exactly the same as me about men, relationships everything!! she is like my clone.. we have decided we are going to work together on a small project which is close to both our hearts.. don't want to give too much away its all very exciting, but I have decided to screw getting a graduation job and putting myself through stress and upset again and I am going to be using my swim teaching qualification to good use, use the money from that and set up my business with Haley :)

Some of my close friends already know what we are doing but I want to save this for another blog post another time. 

I have also decided to hopefully move down to Buckinghamshire where Haley lives and start my life off there, I hope to find a nice new man, a nice little home and get a nice little puppy for myself also 

Wish me luck!!



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