The 5 way dress!

Inspiration: Caroline Righton, left, and her sister Elaine came up with the idea for The Original One dress as they planned their packing for a holiday

 Casual glamour: The dress as a long, classy evening gown, which can be tweaked slightly to create a different look

All-in-one: Caroline and Elaine's dress can be worn five ways, pictured here short or as a top teamed with leggings
Summer fun: The dress can also be worn smart and casual, depending on how you accessorise it

I am personally not very keen on this idea, and for £95 it seems a bit over the top 

I don't think they seem very practical and a little awkward, I would get confused how you actually put it all together lol

what do you think? 



  1. I think its a good idea, but like you said, it dose look complicated. I found another dress that is a bit like the one above.

    but their is less you can do with it and it is more pricey, but it looks a lot nicer in my own opinion. one thing that I really love about this brand, is that she does ball dresses so you do save your self a fair amount in the long run

  2. Anonymous06 July, 2011

    i would get tangled up in it! haha xx

  3. I think I'd rather just buy 6 different dresses :D lol


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