Tigger showing off

I purchased Tigger a little Cat bow Tie from ashine_uk on ebay,
I think Tigger models it very well. What do you think?

Tigger growing up

While being off work,  Tigger and I have become even more closer, we have learnt new tricks and taking some amazing photos. We wanted to share some with you. 

If you would like Tigger to promote your product, a cat toy, a tie or clothing please send us a message 

This little bow-tie was from pets at home 

The scratch-and-swing-hammock is also from pets at home 

Review on 'we bought a zoo'

Quick review on 'we bought a zoo' 

It was always been a dream of mine to own a zoo, which I know will never happen, but I thought it would be lovely to watch this dream in a film. This film had me in tears from the start, it is such a simple romantic fairy tale story. 

Set in Southern California, a father moves his young family to the countryside to renovate and re-open a struggling zoo. featuring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. 

The film is actually based on a real zoo, Dartmoor Zoo park www.dartmoorzoo.org.uk/
and the story is based on how the owner of the zoo came about owning the zoo. 

I don't want to give too much away at all, because you really do need to sit down, grab a cuppa and put it on for a good hour or so. 

Here is some background information on benjamin Mee from the Dartmoor zoo website

In 2006, the Mee family came across Dartmoor Wildlife Park, a dilapidated zoo with a poor reputation and in massive financial difficulty. Rather than running a mile, the family were struck by the fact that if a purchaser couldn't be found, the vast majority of the animals would have been destroyed. They forged forwards, bought the zoo, saved the animals, and fought to get the zoo ready to re-open which it finally did in July 2007 under the new name of Dartmoor Zoological Park.

It was a difficult time, made much harder by the return of his wife Katherine's brain tumour, which sadly this time was terminal, and looking after his two young children. His story was documented within 'We Bought A Zoo', and he now conducts talks to inspire people to never give up, no matter what life throws at you. You can find out more about Benjamin, his story, and his motivational talks by visiting his website. 

I have decided to visit Dartmoor Zoo sometime this year and see the story for myself. 
I rate the film a good 9/10 .. the only thing that would make it a 10, if there baby cubs shown! :) 

The help to breaking up guide.

Such a nice title isn't it? ... well this is a positive post so stay right on this page! 

we all go through bad and good relationships, and no matter how bad or good it was, we always end up feeling down in the dumps once it's ended. here is my advice and my own personal guide for myself of how to get over the one that got away. 

Firstly, he wasn't the "one" because if he was, you would still be together ... see my logic? 

secondly, it's his loss, no really it is. Women find getting back into relationships with a new man 3times easier than a guy does! all we have to do is dress up, look pretty and laugh at their jokes. guys h
ave to do all the chasing over and over again. (there is a statistic somewhere) 

thirdly - you CAN do better. 

so shake it all off (as Taylor Swift would say) and get back to your old self, before he came and intruded on your life. 

my first step is to get a beauty make-over, do my hair, colour it, new style hay why not even get it cut, if thats what will make you feel great. You don't want to do this to make him jealous, you are doing this to show yourself off. 

step 2, Get some good music on and shake your ass off like no-one is watching, cause if you live on your own, well no-one is watching, accept maybe the cat! hey let him join in. 

step 3, go and see your friends, guys, girls and even couples. don't shut couples off because you have this grudge "i'm never going to be with someone again" embrace it, because that will be you again soon! 

step 4, Tidy your home, it honestly does help, and if you are like me, buy a new fridge too!  well maybe don't go that far, but treat yourself to something. 

step 5, get a hobby or a new interest, something that relates nothing to your ex, but encourages you to smile and meet new people, mine is horse riding as most of my followers who know me will know, this helped me so much in my last break up (with the same guy) , it was my thing, and luckly he didn't like it, so i made it even more my own thing. might meet myself a handsome jockey :). 

step 6, breathe, cry and relax.. then repeat step 1. you have to let it all out sometime and sooner or later, you will be crying and you won't even know why and it will stop, you will feel like a total idiot and wonder what it was all about. 

so if you ever need a chat about relationships, you are welcome to drop me a comment or add me on facebook if you know my link, I am not the best for advice, but I've had my share of breakups and you always find someone new :)

Catching fire - a guest post by Erika

I would like to introduce you and welcome a blogger friend of mine, Erika. 
Erika has kindly written a guest post for me on the subject - Catching fire.  
View Erika's blog here - and her jewellery shop here
she is an inspirational jewellery designer, blogger, and an all round marvelous friend. 

When I read The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins I could not put down the books.  They were engaging, exciting and most of all took me to a world I had never visited before!  With the release of the films, I was unsure as to how or indeed if, the vivid imagery and incredible storyline would translate to the big and little screens. 

The second part of the trilogy is Catching Fire and the book is as big and bold as the first.  I was overwhelmed by the first film, I found the characters were as colourful and had just as much of a life force as they did in the book, but could the second one measure up?

The answer is yes! 

Catching Fire follows Katniss Everdean and Peta Melark as they battle once again in The Hunger Games.  The stakes are higher and the characters a fueled by fear, love and an intense feeling of responsibility for those around them. 

The 75th Hunger Games are a special event, every 25 years there is a Quarter Quell, where the rules of the games change to give the Capital a show like never seen before.  This quell is no different and gives President snow the opportunity he desires to get revenge on the two teenagers that seemed to have outsmarted him so incredibly well the previous year.  President Snow is still enraged that Katniss and Peta both survived and needs a way to subdue the people in the 12 districts of Panam, who now have hope.

Every single character is played flawlessly, the actors embody the characters from the page and inject a life into them that I thought impossible.  The visual impact that the Capital and it’s inhabitants make, is amazing.  The film is a feast for the eyes and the colours and styles created by Collins, are lifted from the book and the world of Panam, from the glory of the Capital to the destiution of District 12 is laid bare, in such stark contrast, for all to see.

Without giving away the story itself, I can not recommend this film highly enough and indeed the books!  If you want to go on a journey that is incredibly emotional and intense, a journey of fighting for what you believe in, a journey where reluctant, frightened heroes are made and fight for a world where children aren’t killed for entertainment, then this dystopian epic is one you need to take, whether from the written page or moving picture. 

 What do you think of the hunger games? Have you read the books or seen the films? 

I am yet to see the second film but I am very excited when it arrives on Netflix. 

The donkey sanctuary - a charity close to my heart

I wanted to share something that means a lot to me. 

My nan was a huge supporter of The Donkey Sanctuary and I am following in her footsteps. 

My nan often gave monthly donations and purchased calendars and merchandise which she would then give as presents, she sadly passed away in Jan 2012 and I have decided to take this on myself.

The Donkey Sanctuary is a UK based charity that works throughout the world helping to improve conditions for working donkeys and mules. 

The Donkey Sanctuary works throughout the world helping to improve conditions for working donkeys and mules. Our worldwide projects vary from research into tropical diseases of both national and international importance, to mobile clinics and sanctuaries providing free clinical treatment and advice on management, husbandry and nutrition in donkeys and mules. We are also engaged in investigations of transportation methods of donkeys and mules throughout Europe.

There are an estimated 59 million donkeys and mules in the world today and the majority are to be found in developing countries. Incessant droughts resulting in increased cattle mortality have contributed to an increase in donkey usage as draught and pack animals in both rural an durban areas.

Donkeys are used for work and in many circumstances are a lifeline to families in their everyday tasks, such as water, and wood fuel collection, land cultivation and transportation of produce to market.

Do you have a Charity that is close to your heart? 

Nasal Guard Allergie Block - how I overcome my allergies when riding.

For the past 2 weeks or so I have been using a product called NasalGuard, Allergie block, I use to take anti-histamine drugs but I’m not very keen on having to take tablets all the time for everything. The nasal guard is the perfect way to let me do what I love doing the most.

I was having issues at the stables where I ride with sneezing from either some of the horses with long fur and malting coats or the hay and the little floaty bits that go up your nose, in your mouth and in your eyes. This was getting worse over the last few months with a warm winter it didn't help either, I love riding as you all know and didn't want this to become a problem for me, I was so glad to be offered the chance to try the Nasal Guard to see if this would help me.

Key benefits: Drug -free, Clinically proven, suitable if you are pregnant and for children. 

How does it work? 

It can be used by anyone suffering from allergy symptoms such as pet fur, hay-fever and dust. Nasal Guard blocks these things called airborne. 

It instantly leaves a tingly sensation just under your nose, like when you put something cold and minty on, although the smell is not very minty, it has a very strange smell, but you get use to this and forget it straight away.

How do you apply it? – this is very easy, just squeeze a drop onto your finger and apply a layer around your nose just above your lip. It dries very quickly and doesn't leave a sticky spot, however the tingling feeling is strange for a second. This does need applying every 4 hours or so, this was my mistake, it wore off and the sneezing fits came back. I have used this 4 times while riding and finding it very useful, my only problem now is with this weather, the flies are back!

My boyfriend (Charlie) also tried this gel when cleaning up the horrible mold spores that keep appearing in our flat, he suffers from asthma and when he is cleaning his chest gets tight and he sneezes constantly, too, this gel really helped him when cleaning, he still had a tight chest which he uses his inhaler for, but he was able to clean away without sneezing too much. (he also swept the stairs too) this must be working. 

My review – I believe this gel can work when used correctly, enough is spread onto the upper area between nose and lip and it is re-applied. I found it very useful when riding I have not had any sneezing fits but still do have itchy eyes, Charlie also found it useful when cleaning. It does feel odd having something on your face, but you soon forget about it anyway. 

I recommend this product if you are allergic to something and it causes you to sneeze, this will really help!

Let me know if you have used this before, I would love to see your review 

Where can you buy it?  It is available in most Boots stores nationwide and online at boots.com RRP £11.99

For more information please go to www.allergieblock.co.uk

Disclosure: this is my honest review of the gel

CanvasDesign Prints - Dreaming with horses

You may have noticed by I have a huge obsession, passion and desire to be with horses and be active in horse riding. I want to start expressing this in my home, currently a small flat, but still you have to start somewhere. I was kindly given the chance to send in a photo and have it printed onto a canvas for me to go up on my wall in my bedroom. While waiting for this canvas to arrive I have been so so excited to see the final product. 

please excuse the fact is it on the bed, it is hopefully going up on the wall at the weekend.

It arrived yesterday afternoon and was waiting for me when I got home. It was the first thing I went to, not even a kiss to Charlie to say hi!  

The speed of delivery is fantastic. My canvas size was 20 x 14. It came with a little set to hang it up with and some nails, all I need now is to find my hammer! 

It was marked with fragile on the side and wrapped really well, 
Tigger enjoyed the bubble wrap all night too! 

I LOVE IT, I absolutely love it, I can not express this enough, the fact 1 of my favourite photos will be on my wall in a gorgeous frame and so big makes me very happy. Charlie will hopefully help me over the weekend with this going up on my wall, but I wanted to give you a sneak preview now anyway. 

I am also looking into buying more in the next few days, just want to find the perfect pictures to go with this one. 

The canvas prints come in lots of difference sizes to suit you. check their website for a full list. 

The ordering system is so simple and only takes a few seconds, make sure your photo is a high resolution though as this can affect the quality of the image just like with any print. 

I love my canvas, and I love this company, I can not recommend them enough. They are cheap and the quality is of high standard. 
so it is a win win situation.

Have you ordered one? Please let me know.

Please use the discount code BLOG15 when you place your order for 15% off 

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*PR sample 

Like. Love. Loathe

A couple of my friends do this post so I thought I might give it a go. 
My friends Bex and Sarah follow the links to their blogs.


I have become addicted to the tv series 24, I am already on season 3 and started about 2 weeks ago, some episodes are a little boring, some are amazing you are sat on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.  
24 is an american tv show produced by Fox network. 
It is a political thriller, with lots of action. 

This little fella is my world right now, Tigger as you all from my previous posts, he is 8 months on thursday, (Happy 8months Tigger) he is a little rascal but totally adorable, here is in in his favourite food box - Felix, just finished his breakfast with food still around his chops, playing in the box to get his biscuits. He is my boy <3 


Photography. but not in the way you would think, I hate the fact I am so busy with working full time, blogging, horse riding and looking after a kitten and boyfriend that I no longer have time to go to gigs and photograph bands, no longer have time to go out to places like London or anything really. I loathe this about myself and my time and if there was just 1 more day between Saturday and Sunday, I would be able to do something extra, I guess we can't all have it both ways, I love riding and that is now my number 1 hobby. 

This is Charlie my boyfriends eye! 

What have you been liking, loving and loathing this week?

Redbush News - Read all about it

I was kindly sent a Redbush News update leaflet and 2 sample tea-bags in the post. 

Redbush offer naturally caffeine free tea, their teas contain less than half the tannin of regular black tea; No chemicals, coloring's, additives or preservatives ever come near it. 

As a huge fan of tea of all sorts and flavours I just had to try these samples out.  

They offer original flavour, Citrus and Chai flavours. 

I wasn't send the Chai sample 

I wasn't so keen on the original flavour, the reason being probably is because I like sugar in my tea, unless very sweet tasting, in all honesty I drank about 5 mouthfuls and threw the rest away, not saying it is horrible my work colleague tried some and loved it, she has had them before and was excited to try my samples out too, so we both had half a cup each using the same tea bags. 

she rates this 7/10

depending if you like this probably depends what other teas you like, they seem to have a very specific flavour to them and someone with a sweet tooth probably won't find them great. 

So next I tried the Citrus sample I was sent, this was a little better, although I did end up adding sugar in anyway, probably spoiled it all together but I managed to drink the whole cup! 

It smells awesome, the orange tangy flavour goes straight up your nose and clears your airways, the taste takes a little adjusting to. 

I would rate these samples 5/10, purely because I prefer sweeter tasting tea myself. 

have you ever tried Redbush? what is your favourite tea?

This is not a sponsored post