Like. Love. Loathe

A couple of my friends do this post so I thought I might give it a go. 
My friends Bex and Sarah follow the links to their blogs.


I have become addicted to the tv series 24, I am already on season 3 and started about 2 weeks ago, some episodes are a little boring, some are amazing you are sat on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.  
24 is an american tv show produced by Fox network. 
It is a political thriller, with lots of action. 

This little fella is my world right now, Tigger as you all from my previous posts, he is 8 months on thursday, (Happy 8months Tigger) he is a little rascal but totally adorable, here is in in his favourite food box - Felix, just finished his breakfast with food still around his chops, playing in the box to get his biscuits. He is my boy <3 


Photography. but not in the way you would think, I hate the fact I am so busy with working full time, blogging, horse riding and looking after a kitten and boyfriend that I no longer have time to go to gigs and photograph bands, no longer have time to go out to places like London or anything really. I loathe this about myself and my time and if there was just 1 more day between Saturday and Sunday, I would be able to do something extra, I guess we can't all have it both ways, I love riding and that is now my number 1 hobby. 

This is Charlie my boyfriends eye! 

What have you been liking, loving and loathing this week?


  1. Aah 24 I got so addicted to it that I might have watched an entire season in just over 24 hours ;-)

  2. I've only just started blog networking so I've been liking the variety of blogs I've been reading and getting to know other bloggers. I'm loving the weather! I've been for a walk every day this week and last.What have I been loathing? I'd have to think about that, nothing springs to mind. Great post; really got me thinking!


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