elf make up review

So within my elf order I brought two small blushers. I have had one before and I loved it so it was a must to buy some more for such a bargain price!

These blushers have a delicate but natural radiant colour, They are like silk to the cheek, I love the two shades both suit pale skin (although I do tan in summer I may need to find a darker shade)

The only disadvantage is the little case, as I have long natural nails I find it hard to actually open the little pots and I worry that it will spill everywhere or I will break a nail haha


Next up is the Eyelid Primer 

This is meant to increase eye colour longevity 

I put the Primer on my Right eye for an hour,
using the same eye-shadow on both eye (Duo eye shadow cream, scroll down post for details on this) and the same amount
this is what my eyes look like after an hour

 No Premier        Premier  

As you can see they both look pretty similar, how ever the non premier eye has made a line where the eye lid creases and the premier eye  has made a line but not as blunt. I do not think the colour has stayed on very well on either eye.

so to get a better test of the premier, I have used another eye shadow but this time a powder instead of cream.

another hour and this is the results
the premier eye

No premier                       Premier  

The premier eye lid was much easier to put eye-shadow on than the normal eye-lid but after 15 minutes my eye with the premier began to feel odd and tingly. 

to be honest I am not overly impressed with the eyelid premier at all and I give it a score of 


Water proof eye-liner pen 

I really do not know how to put this into words 
do not buy!!! 
such a waste of money!!

as a huge eye-liner freak I am very disappointed with this product, it may be cheap, but it still should work!!!


need I say more ... 

Next we have Therapeutic conditioning lip balm

I love it! Since this morning when it arrived in my box I have been wearing it all day and its great, it does not taste funny (not that you should eat it) and it leaves your lips feeling amazing, as I suffer from daily dry lips this is a gods send!!!

It is non sticky, feels light on the lips, and a lovely colour


Elf Brightening eye colour

Punk funk 2015

I LOVE these colours
they are all gorgeous bright glittery colours
the only colour which does not show very well is white and would probably need a few extra layers to stand out. 


I also brought Duo eye shadow cream

compared to the one above I do not think much of this eye shadow, the cream is poor and does not stick to your eyes very well.


Cream eye liner

I was so looking forward to trying this and it is even better than I imagined!

The little brush is so easy to use and the cream is lovely and soft on my eyes.

It does how ever smudge when you close your eye as you can see but this can easy be wiped away


Last but not least 

Make up mist & set

I was in two minds about this, the first was it is probably just water 
and actually does nothing
and then I thought it will probably make my face greasy or smudge my make up

well I cant prove that it is not just water so I will go with Elf's word on that it has key ingredients such as Aloe, Green Tea, 
Cucumber and Vitamins A C & E

when I first sprayed the mist it sort of gave me a jump, I was not sure what to expect and my face felt very wet and I was nervous for it to smudge my make up

for a short time it gives a wet look but it eventually dries into the skin, to be honest I am not sure what it has done and I guess I will need to try it again  for a longer period and possibly in the summer. look out for that review

but for now I rate it



  1. Wow the blushes are lovely. Glow looks so nice with your skintone!

    Aww what a bummer. I had high hopes for the eyelid primer. :(

    I'm loving that pink shadow in that quad. Lovely.

    Thanks for such a HONEST & in-depth review! You've saved us some time & $$ haha

  2. wow I think you might have got a bad waterproof eyeliner it looks dried out. The studio cream eyeliners are awesome I have plum and i love it. Another great eyeliner from e.l.f is there basic eyeliner.Also try the brightening eye colour wet they work so much better. I want to get the punk funk one but have many others. The 2 blushes are amazing I have them both and love them. Great review THANX http://tiernanashley.blogspot.com/

  3. Hey Ashley thanks for the heads up, i have messaged elf and asked if they will send me a replacement, i didnt think that it could be dry/run out i thought maybe it was just a crappy eye liner haha thanks chick xxx

  4. i recently went onto the elf page where some very unfriendly girls told me to store it the eye line that does not work upside down, i would love to know how much a company would sell if they told their buyers a product did not work to its full expectations and you had to store it in order to use it. some people. my advice avoid the elf page and contact them directly if you have a problem xxx

  5. Just wanted to point out that whatever a company says .. you ALWAYS have to set cream shadows with powder. And if the eyelid primer does not work, then I think you have oily lids, I would opt for the mineral one because of that :)

    awesome blog x

  6. hey thanks hun, my eye lids are quite dry at the moment, i dont like the primer anyway so wont be using it again lol thanks anyways xx

  7. I always find that cream shadows crease really easy regardless of primer. Have you tried it with a powder shadow?

  8. hey yer the picture with the purple eyeshadow was with a powder and the premier, it seem to loose its shine though after an hour xx

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