The help to breaking up guide.

Such a nice title isn't it? ... well this is a positive post so stay right on this page! 

we all go through bad and good relationships, and no matter how bad or good it was, we always end up feeling down in the dumps once it's ended. here is my advice and my own personal guide for myself of how to get over the one that got away. 

Firstly, he wasn't the "one" because if he was, you would still be together ... see my logic? 

secondly, it's his loss, no really it is. Women find getting back into relationships with a new man 3times easier than a guy does! all we have to do is dress up, look pretty and laugh at their jokes. guys h
ave to do all the chasing over and over again. (there is a statistic somewhere) 

thirdly - you CAN do better. 

so shake it all off (as Taylor Swift would say) and get back to your old self, before he came and intruded on your life. 

my first step is to get a beauty make-over, do my hair, colour it, new style hay why not even get it cut, if thats what will make you feel great. You don't want to do this to make him jealous, you are doing this to show yourself off. 

step 2, Get some good music on and shake your ass off like no-one is watching, cause if you live on your own, well no-one is watching, accept maybe the cat! hey let him join in. 

step 3, go and see your friends, guys, girls and even couples. don't shut couples off because you have this grudge "i'm never going to be with someone again" embrace it, because that will be you again soon! 

step 4, Tidy your home, it honestly does help, and if you are like me, buy a new fridge too!  well maybe don't go that far, but treat yourself to something. 

step 5, get a hobby or a new interest, something that relates nothing to your ex, but encourages you to smile and meet new people, mine is horse riding as most of my followers who know me will know, this helped me so much in my last break up (with the same guy) , it was my thing, and luckly he didn't like it, so i made it even more my own thing. might meet myself a handsome jockey :). 

step 6, breathe, cry and relax.. then repeat step 1. you have to let it all out sometime and sooner or later, you will be crying and you won't even know why and it will stop, you will feel like a total idiot and wonder what it was all about. 

so if you ever need a chat about relationships, you are welcome to drop me a comment or add me on facebook if you know my link, I am not the best for advice, but I've had my share of breakups and you always find someone new :)

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