Dating is the ultimate job interview

How to get the man!!!
This is just a little ramble I have decided to put together from my experiences and lessons I have learnt along the path of dating, relationships and finding my one. 
 There are two ways to look to any concept, The first way is negative.  Purposely playing hard to get pisses men off. if they know you are acting like a bitch, they get all moody and have a little tantrum of their own and do the complete opposite of what you intended. 
You’re making it so difficult for him to get what he wants.  which is YOU.  It makes you feel bad because, you feel you shouldn’t tease a man that way.  only sexually :)
So just let him have you and be done with you.  And this way you will get a man. This will be only for about 20 minutes mind you, he will use you and abuse you, and this gives him all the power.

The other way.  THE RIGHT WAY! in my books! You aren’t playing hard to get.  
You are hard to get. 

A guy comes along and he has to show you that he is worthy of time with you.  Is he worthy of taking time away from what you love?  Career?  Hobbies? Girls nights out? Getting with every bloke in the club you can lay your hands on?
 So does he add to your life or does he create drama?

although admittedly most of us love a little drama anyway, as long it is not drama 24/7 we can deal with it.... argument after argument can become really stressful, and remember it takes two to argue. not just one person...

so anyway
read on...
once YOU have all the power back in your hands and you will have him at your feet.
Now focus on what a man can do to make us happy.  Just like anything worthwhile (you) it has to be earned.  And this doesn’t happen after the first date,  or the third, or even a month! This happens over time give or take two to three years, if you ever last that long. 
 So to any hot guys out there, this is what turns me on in so many words, what makes me want a man more than a "bad boy"
1.  A man who does what he says he’s going to do. All talk gets a little boring.  
2.  A man who on my bad days knows that what I need is to be pulled into a long, warm hug. and maybe that nice chocolate bar, someone who is not going to hate me for having a bad day.
3.  He’s introspective, honorable and courageous.  In other words, he’s willing to stand up and do the honorable thing.  Like protecting the weak and innocent. this is what I LOVE about me, the protecting ones, the ones you know if something is happening or someone has got your hair in a fluff, they are there to protect you. 
4. someone who will respect me, and accept me for who I am.. treat me with respect and not look down on me, not to be a snob. 
5. To let me in and help him when I see he needs it. 
He wont see you as  “Playing Hard to Get.”  He’ll see you as a prize HE HAS TO WIN! worthy of fighting for and will, by his actions, show you he wants to earn your trust. 
 The man you want to marry?
BE confident!   As confidence grows, the not so good guys in life fall away, disappear and are replaced by really good men, the men we actually need and want in our life.
  Dating is the ultimate job interview.  
Choose wisely 
and good luck!


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