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So, finishing university has opened  a lot of doors for me, 1 of many are to move to London, I got offered a job interview for a company who found my CV on a job site and asked If I would go down for the day meet the team and see what I felt about the company, as well as an informal interview they have offered to pay my travel expenses which would be train as my car has no MOT and I am skint. This is all really exciting but, I have my home here, I don't necessarily have many friends here, they have all gone home but this is now my home and I feel a bit unsure about it all. 

Another direction is Birmingham, I also have an interview there for a marketing job, wont say too much do not want anyone stealing my opportunity and it is an amazing job but the pay is very low to begin with, and being as I have no experience I can not complain, but the hours are awful!! 7:30 until 5pm they have asked the time with a 2 hour break for lunch and 30mins during the after noon.. can I be picky?? lol

Another option I have is to be a swimming teacher and just live of that for a while, and to set up my business with Haley. I love this idea, But I don't think I can afford my rent on a teachers wage, the hours are never certain and it depends on bank holidays or school holidays as well. 

I feel a bit lost and confused which road to go down right now .. 

any ideas??

Also do you like my new blog layout, I have decided to go for the simple classic look makes it easier for my readers to read too 


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