My favourite little places

This is where I like to walk along, it goes on for quite a while and takes you around Stafford, I took this photo from one of the bridges, such a lovely day I didn't want to come indoors. 

This is another one of my favourite places in Stafford, this is one of 3 Churches in Stafford and is located right in the town centre, I love sititng on the benches and just out of the picture is a whole patch of grass where students and tourists go to relax in the sun, I ate my chicken nuggets there this afternoon :) 

I am now stuck in doors doing marketing work for university, so I decided to sit with my door open as the weather was so lovely, this is the view I get, it's not very impressive, but you can actually see for miles and its always busy which I like, I hate quiet 

My sort of balcony, it drops down a little bit but you can only just fit your toes on the edge lol
and the picture below is my own tree and view lol

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