Happy me

I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.. It was Amazing!!!!

I don't want to ruin that for you because this is not what this post is about, I am actually writing to you because while I braved it up and went to cinema on my own, I actually found myself doing this and I am finally content with being myself and being on my own to do things. I have always been afraid to do things by myself but I really wanted to see Harry Potter before someone ruined it for me and told me what happens in it, so I bottled it up bought my ticket and went in on my own. This has shown me I don't always need someone by my side any more and I can actually do things myself and it's okay to do it by myself too. I actually feel really good in myself since I went to the cinema and I feel happy and content :)

Yay for me :) 


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  1. good for you! I've always like to watch movie alone.. I hate it when my friend keep adding the unnecessary comment between scenes or sound effects.. watching movie alone is like watching TV with big screen.hehe..


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