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Ok so this is a little random post about the subject but I wanted to share my interest and wondered if any of you had the same. 

I love playing on my xbox 360!! and I am totally addicted to Call of Duty - Blackops

This game is fantastic, It's like a little hobby of mine recently, I have got rather good and I play on-line a lot. 

Anyway, Most girls moan about their boyfriends and guys playing on their computer games their xbox, ps3 etc, but if you actually sat down and played the game yourself you would love it too!! 

If your boyfriend plays on theirs whether it be cod or battlefield or even halo whatever it is, join in, ask to have a go get another controller and watch your relationship blossom!! 

Trust me it does, my ex boyfriend Steffan got me into gaming and even though I am through with him, I would never look back and replace gaming with anything. You meet some lovely people who also play and it's great for a chat too on the head set..

I also play halo 3, odst, battlefield - bad company, mw2, after November I will also play mw3 I have a few other games which are not on-line multiplayer which I also love to play. 

I look forward to kicking some ass!! Play the storyline by yourself or as split-screen and then play some multi player, you won't forget it!!

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  1. oO Cat Like Oo16 September, 2011

    Waaoow.. I Like this site : D


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