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Today was a lovely day, I met up with my uni friend Carly and we did a spot of wedding shopping. I am her wedding planner, as it is the business I am hopefully setting up, so she invited me along for a spot of flower shopping and to sort out the cake/cakes. anyway bit nervous as it is my official wedding experience I am still learning. What I learnt today was the dress is the main thing, well I knew that anyway but Carly still has not decided on a dress it made it 10times harder to choose the flowers, we have quotes from various shops and I think Carly was glad I went along, she was more nervous than me so I stepped forward and helped out with asking of the questions and getting the information for her. I also collected loads of wedding brochures, books, flower books and business cards and can start using them as my suppliers/resources etc, It's all very exciting.

CurrentlyI am trying to design a logo, although sort of out of ideas, are business is called Forever and Ever Weddings. It's something special to her because she has it tattooed when her and her husband got married, so I thought it was lovely to have as our name, which we had previously decided to go for MarieFlorence but as it is our 2nd names it may get confusing so now we have Forever and Ever weddings. 

We are currently trying to do our logo but with a small creative imagination myself it is going a little tricky. Never mind we will not be defeated!!

So all in all today went really well, I can't wait to meet up with Carly to organise more pieces, as well as try more wedding dresses on, we did find a gorgeous dress in the wedding shop in town but the lady was rather rude we decided to take our services else where, she obv thought it was a joke or something. Never mind her loss! 

Hope you enjoy my little wedding post and check out our blog/website when it is completed. It's all very exciting. I have wanted to set up a wedding business for about 4/5 years and I also did my 3rd year at university marking and business plan on setting up a wedding business, so I hope I have a good idea of costs, what to do, and everything else involved. If you are engaged and looking for some help please pop by and say hi, I would love to help more people and expand on my knowledge and experience and to swap ideas. 


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  1. EEEE!
    I think when I get married, you should be my wedding planner :) xx


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