Maxi dress and Miso top

Ages ago I went on a searching spree for a Maxi dress, and I fell in 1 dress from Republic Miso dress

This is what the dress looks like on.. the photo isnt very good sorry I can't really take a long photo as I don't have a long mirror.

I bought a size 12, planning on loosing weight and when I first tried it on, it was soo tight... 

4 weeks later, it fits and this is what it looks like
It's hard to find clothes that fit me as I have huge boobs and a flatish stomach things often drape down on me after they have gone over my boobs lol

Just to prove its a 12 :) lol

it makes my boobs look huge.. but it fits around my stomach... for a size 12 I am soo happy as usually dresses come up smaller on me and before I have had to go for a size 16. 
I also bought my self this Miso top for £4.99 of ebay 
which is a size 12 top :)


  1. They look gorgeous :) xxx

  2. You look gorgeous, honey xo

  3. Beauiful i love clothes by miso, i love the colour of this dress :)



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