Amazing review on some Major stores!!

you one of these stores??

I really wanted to do a post to help raise awareness about this issue as I totally love this girl for what she has done for herself, and other wheelchair users. 

Please check out Deb's full blog :

Deb has been out and about taking photographs of lots of major retail stores that were not disabled friendly (or pram friendly), as they claimed to be.  She wrote polite letters to the stores she had visited and included the photographic evidence of their inaccesibility, in order to highlight this issue, which makes shopping so difficult for wheelchair users.

I have just come across her post she did called the good, the bad and the ugly which shows her results of which stores replied back friendly and which ignored her..

Please check her blog out for full results on which store was polite enough to reply, 
and which store ignored her a number of times, it really does give you an insight on how stores see them selfs and how they obviously dont want to cater for particular customers.
 I must admit, When I saw M&S on the low list, I was shocked they would not comply!!!

Thanks for this Deb, and even though I am not a wheel chair user,
I now feel I must avoid these shops because of their rude-ness!! do you agree??

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  1. Thank you so much for this absolutely fabulous post! It really blows me away when others post about my campaign and I geniunely am SO touched. I love your article and thank you for helping to raise awareness and spread the word :) You ROCK :D xxx


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