Redbush News - Read all about it

I was kindly sent a Redbush News update leaflet and 2 sample tea-bags in the post. 

Redbush offer naturally caffeine free tea, their teas contain less than half the tannin of regular black tea; No chemicals, coloring's, additives or preservatives ever come near it. 

As a huge fan of tea of all sorts and flavours I just had to try these samples out.  

They offer original flavour, Citrus and Chai flavours. 

I wasn't send the Chai sample 

I wasn't so keen on the original flavour, the reason being probably is because I like sugar in my tea, unless very sweet tasting, in all honesty I drank about 5 mouthfuls and threw the rest away, not saying it is horrible my work colleague tried some and loved it, she has had them before and was excited to try my samples out too, so we both had half a cup each using the same tea bags. 

she rates this 7/10

depending if you like this probably depends what other teas you like, they seem to have a very specific flavour to them and someone with a sweet tooth probably won't find them great. 

So next I tried the Citrus sample I was sent, this was a little better, although I did end up adding sugar in anyway, probably spoiled it all together but I managed to drink the whole cup! 

It smells awesome, the orange tangy flavour goes straight up your nose and clears your airways, the taste takes a little adjusting to. 

I would rate these samples 5/10, purely because I prefer sweeter tasting tea myself. 

have you ever tried Redbush? what is your favourite tea?

This is not a sponsored post 


  1. I really enjoy redbush (more in the summer weirdly) as its doesn't need milk as it's not as bitter!

  2. I drink tea without milk so I am not sure whether I'd like the chai!

  3. I have never tried redbush and I am very wary when it comes to different flavoured teas. I have tried white tea and although bland it is drinkable.

  4. my favourite is tetley with milk and 2 sugars but I like a lot of the twinings aswell, the citrus tea was actually alrite after I drank it and it went a little cold. I recommend trying it x

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