Part 1 - eye creams

Part 1

to see results and for part 2, please come back Friday! 

So after a nasty girl left a comment saying my eyes looked bad from my post below (which I can not display as it may offend my readers),  I decided use this to my advantage and make a post about how I would find a cream to restore my youthful eyes after wearing make-up every day and sometimes forgetting to remove it until late evening! 

This has caused my eyes to recently get dry below my eyebrows and sore under my anterior border of the eyelid (where you put eye-liner). My caruncula lacrimalis (tear-duck) has also got itchy from heavy amounts of eye-liner and not paying much attention to them.

For 5 days, twice a day, I am going to be using 3 well known products 
and report how they have improved my eyes, if they have improved!

My eyes most of the time with heavy amounts of make-up

My poor eyes without make-up! they are painful to touch!
my skin is red because I have just used a facial scrub to remove all make-up
don't laugh too much, they are actually sore 


Clinque Moisture on-call firms dry skin, I will see if this makes my skin smoother and look more appealing and will use it just below my eyebrows.

Garnier pure 
I will use this all around my eyes, the corners and underneath

 Nivea creme
I will use on the top of my eyelid.

I will post back with pictures of how my eyes look after 5 days. Where you can buy these products from and how it improved my eyes with my ratings
 Hopefully then I wont receive any nasty comments!

If anyone has any products they have used and suggest please drop them in the comment box xXx


  1. ignore the girl i cant wait to see the result hope it works for u

  2. I really hope this works for you, whatever that girl said was just silly! I hope you are ok xx

  3. Thanks so much for the make up suggestion! I hope this worksss! x

  4. Love this hun! Don't let anyone get you down, they're just pathetic xxx

  5. thank you bex xxx

    indigo - i benefited out of the comment by reviewing about products to help my eyes and hopefully others will read and if they suffer from sore eyes will use the products i chose xx

  6. Thank you for the follow! I followed you back!
    XOXO Lidia


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