Bird box part 1

For my mum, 

I brought a little cute bird box from ASDA £2.50, I thought my mum would love this, however once I got it home I realised, it looked boring and everyone would have the same. So I decided to get my creative skills together and paint!!

I went a little mad and got very messy! 

My hands!! and didn't even get it on anything! 

so this is what the bird box looked like to begin with! 

it was a nice brown, but still boring

and this is what it looks like so far!!

I still need to put the finishing touches to it and paint underneath properly, and along the edge, however I am rather impressed considering I have never painted something in my life like this before! 

I think I may of found a future talent.. or maybe not :) 

let me know what you think and if you have any ideas how I can improve 

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