Clippers Tea

In the post this morning I had a little package at the bottom of the stairs for me, Organic Clipper tea - Tea Bags!

I was very kindly sent 10 tea-bags to try out, as I must say, they tasted very different to what I thought they would. 
Being Fair Trade Tea-bags I honestly thought they would be very dry and tasteless. So boiling my kettle, I opened up the bag and wow such a strong smell of tea in the air. 
Very excited to make my cup of tea!


As a big fan of Tea and I admit I drink at least 6 cups a day, I thought Clippers would never be in competition with PG tips & Tetley, However I think I have found my new favourite!!

we always get use to the same things and never try change, but this is one change I am going to be keeping!

Clipper if you reading, Id love some more to sample :)

please check the site here 
also be sure to sign up and be entered into a competition to 
WIN a Spa Experience!!

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  1. Hi Charlotte,

    Great to hear you were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed our Fairtrade tea samples.

    We would be more than happy to send you some more of our delicious tea for you to sample. Send us your address via DM on our Facebook page or Twitter profile.

    Enjoy the rest of the tea and have a cracking weekend.

    The Clipper Team



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