Car Boot Sale

From a young age I have always visited car boot sales with my dad, I love it,  I love finding all the little vintage pieces and looking at what people have owned. Some very odd things that people do own!!

I have now made it my mission to go to at least 2 car boot sales a month while the car boot season is upon us!!

I love putting on a car boot sale too but as I don't have much in my flat most of my sale things are at my parents. 

They usually take place at weekends and are held on grass fields, school or community grounds even pubs and car parks. They offer an opportunity to buy and sell almost anything.

How it works 

Sellers roll up at around 5am, and can pay between £5-10 for a pitch to park their car and load up their table. Items are rarely priced and haggling is actively encouraged. I LOVE a good haggle!!

Boot sales usually finish by mid-day, 2 at the latest, although the great British weather often plays a hand in early closure or complete cancellation. 
There have been many times when I have set up a car boot with my dad and we had to leave early because of the rain, it is a great disappointment but you can't sell a soggy book! 

From now on things I buy from the car boot sale I will show you :)

if you go to a car boot sale and buy some lovely items please let me know, I love to look at what people have bought


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