How to get over..

How to Get over a break up.. And their new love interest 

Decided to do this post because I like probably some of you, need to get over someone and I wanted to help, I also hope writing this will help me too. 
I was with a guy for a long time, we even lived together and last August we broke up. I have been with others since, but no-one compares to him. It is about time I got over this guy, he is never coming back and maybe in a way I don't want him to come back either. So this is sort of a diary entry too. 

So this is me and the guy

But before you get over someone, you need time to grieve and give room to heal. 

Some people say delete all photo's and memories, I disagree, I did this once with an ex, and when I was over him, I felt guilty I didn't have any memories from us being together, it probably make's you feel worse too, so I suggest, put them in a folder on your computer and name it totally random and never look at it, or put them in a box under your bed, or somewhere you will forget for now. 

So, You've broken up. It's over. Done. You're trying to move on, you think you probably have, and in fact, you think you're doing a pretty good job of moving on considering how hard broken hearts are to heal and how long exes can linger in the mind.

 You're proud of yourself and you should be, you have got this far.

  And then--bam! You hear the news: your ex has a new love interest. Oh! Agony! In my case, he told me he had a new gf and that he loved her, he knew that would hurt me deep. 

So, you thought you had moved on, but all of a sudden it feels as if you are right back to post-breakup day one. Fear not, my lovely friend! 

I hope these tips help you to move on after discovering that your ex already has.

Remember: healing is a process. It takes time. You are bound to have setbacks along the way. This is just one of those setbacks.

Allow yourself to cry again, feel the sadness, I know, I know! you've cried enough but if you was really hurting you would cry some more, if you don't feel the need, then you don't need to keep on reading, your over him!
If you are crying, well done!! let it all out!
How ever, don't wallow. Sadness is only good as long as it helps to cleanse and your heal mind and pain. 
Stay positive, don't add blame onto anyone just think "if he can move on, so can I".

Don't dig for dirt. Don't go looking for what she looks like on her facebook or twitter or anywhere, just let it be. This is a mistake I made, I always look at his facebook. 

Another cure I have for myself is I talk to an older ex, I realise I am over them, I will get over this 1. 

If your ex has found a better match for him or herself, then you too will find a better match for yourself.
Do something new, Again, yes! you probably already did when you first broke up, but now you need I am over the break up look and I need another new 1 Don't be shy spoil yourself!! 
A new haircut, take up dance lessons, or go on holiday.

Next up, Flirt and date , but do not rebound! 
Unless you know you are truly ready for another relationship, Don't jump in at the first guy you get with, They more than likely won't be right for you and you will end up with bigger heartache when that ends then having more feelings for the ex before. 

Look into your future, Think positive, What you want to do yourself, for yourself. 

Wish your ex well, Be happy that they have found new love again, ( it probably wont last), but accept it, this will make you feel 100 times better, and it may also confuse them as to why you are so happy, If you love your ex, you want them happy and the sacrifice is, if they are not happy with you, then let them be happy with someone else. 

I still need to work on that part, but I hope I will get there.

I hope these little tips helped you, I will be doing more on getting over break up's and how to get back onto the dating soon another time

If you have any questions or any other tips please drop them below


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