Taken - film

Hello all, Happy weekend!!! 

This evening I sat down with my boyfriend and we watched 'Taken'
I thought this film was going to be really crap but in all honesty it was amazing! With a slow but interesting beginning it soon turns into a high-speed action movie!

For the trailer click the picture! 
 Drug abuse and violence

 Liam Neeson is like Jason Bourne in the Bourne series in my opinion,
Always wondering what is going to happen next!
There are some sensitive / sentimental scenes with drug abuse and heavy violence! 

Holly Valance 
Maggie Grace
Katie Cassidy 
Also star in the film!

This film is now £3 in many
 UK HMV stores! and well worth the £3 may I add x

 Action, Crime, Drama

This film is a thrilling roller-coaster ride and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good action film!


  1. Aw I like this film as well, it's really good isn't it? I watched it with my Dad last year and wasn't expecting much to be honest because its not my type of movie but it was good!
    Btw can I ask, how did you get your signature uploaded with no border? I did mine and clicked the border to be white but it still showed up :(

  2. it was, i was very impressed!! xx

  3. Nice review! I loved that movie! It was very exciting, plus Liam Neeson is pretty freaking awesome in just about anything! :)


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