Eye shadow

A few of my favourite eye shadow sets

This is a BYS -  Metallics

These are my favourite colours
blue, green, black, purple and silvers all with different shades. 
you can also buy an orange/yellow set

This is the shimmery eye shadow set
which have little silver sparkly colours mixed with the main colour
(sorry the left set has been worn off, I use them a lot)

 I am not a huge fan of eye shadow but when I go out and dress up I often use these little sets for some bright colours, how ever they do fade after a couple of hours so a top up cover may be necessary. 

why do my eyebrows look orange? LOL

sorry the picture is rubbish I have tired and sore eyes and its hard to take your own photo of your eyes (try it!!) ! as you can see the purple is brighter than the blue so a few extra layers may be necessary for a bright look. 
 I also need to pluck my eyebrows and invest in some good tweezers . the things we do to look good. 

You can buy these sets from www.provenlook.com
or the Clothes Show Live - Birmingham

I rate this eye shadow set  

I will soon be doing a make-up give away! check back soon for more information! 


  1. These are nice colours i will go look at the link now thanks x

  2. I only have a trio from this brand because it is not easy to find in my country. The packaging looks a lot like the NYX trios and the quality is a bit chalky but not bad for the price :) Thanks for this review, will be on the look out for more products :)

    Charlene xxxx


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