short and sweet

1 more day until the weekend yay, so much to do this weekend as well, we plan on vising the family, the boyfriend has football and I want to do some shopping, as well as helping out at a friends yard. 

I had an excellent day on Tuesday riding Danny my favourite boy Danny, he did really well over the trotting polls and into the canter really knackered me out though, decided I probably need to do a get fit plan soon as well! (may post it here would you be interested?) 

Off to buy my new jacket and then I am reviewing all my riding gear and telling you all about that. 

Danny is the sweetest horse I have ever known, he nuzzles me for cuddles, I talk to him constantly when I am with him in his stable or when we are working together in the school. He has helped build my confidence so much even in the last few weeks. After my fall from Edward I thought it would take me ages to trust that a horse wouldn't hurt me, but Danny is amazing. I am really hoping I can load him in a few months/year time. 

I also wanted to update you on our little terror Tigger. 
he is growing up so quickly into a healthy little kitten. 
He has had all his vet visits for now (fingers crossed) and enjoying playing with his games! 

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