Your horse magazine

As a keen rider I am always looking for advice to improve and ways to help me and the horse I am riding improve. 
I read a fair few horse magazines, Horse and Rider, PONY Mag, and your Horse. This is my favourite magazine for advice. 
Anyone who is keen to get intro riding I recommend reading this magazine, it comes out every month but a few months in advance and is always packed full of great articles, advice and inspiring stories. 

As I don't currently have my own horse I always feel a bit left out, like I can not do some things because I don't have my own horse, but it doesn't stop me reading the article and I like to think when the time comes, I will know exactly what to do, and if not, I always have this as a reference. 

If you are a horse lover and want to ask a question for advice, their facebook page is always full with comments, queries and everything else, take part, you might learn something new. 

This is not a sponsored post and just based on my own opinions of a magazine.


  1. I am a horse lover, just don't have a lot of opportunities to ride lately :-(

  2. I used to ride when I was younger and if I still did this seems like it would be a great read xx

  3. I used to ride when I was younger and if I still did this looks like it would be a great read! xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

  4. we live int he countryside and we are surrounded by horses all the time , wish we had the space and time to own one


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