Falling off a horse... and getting back on

So they say if you fall off a horse you are a real rider, or is it you fall off a horse more than 3 times you are? 

Either way I don’t care, but I did fall off a horse! On Sunday I rode Edward, my instructor said she wanted to see how I could handle him and really push my comfort zone of the smaller horses to get me use to every horse. Edward is a massive horse, with a board neck which luckily helped me on my fall to the ground.  

Edward isn’t one of my favourite trusting horses but he sure is lovely when he gets going into his canter. He is very laid back though and it takes a lot of pushing and perusing to even get into a trot let alone canter he is beautiful, he defiantly wouldn't win in a race.

I didn't get chance to have a picture of Edward as I couldn't take my phone in with me as no where to leave it while riding, which was probably a good thing else it would of broken if in my pocket, this picture below however is a picture of Edward and another young boy who rides at the stables, this photo is not mine but I did want to show you want Edward looked like.  HUGE! Haha 

So back to falling off, maybe it's just something that riding instructors and other experienced equestrians say to comfort newbies after they've met the dirt for the first time, but it does make some sense.  I landed on my left thigh, and back where my tattoo actually is, 4days later and my bruises have gone down, thankgod! I am very much looking forward to riding on sunday again, this week it is a gymkhana and a lesson before. Exciting!! 

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