Swimming day 1


Today was my first day back in the swimming pool and oh boy now I am paying for it. 
Was a little nervous getting back in, I have put on weight recently, was praying my swimming costume would fit me, I had brought my goggles and that they still worked. 
Headed for the middle lane did a couple of lengths, realising this was harder than I thought I headed over to the slow lane this was a perfect speed to warm up, mess about a bit find my stroke techniques. 

I have realised this will be more of a challenge than I anticipated, I was always more a competitive swimmer for speed than a long distance swimmer. 

I swam about 28 lengths and a bit .. luckily there was this girl swimming in the same lane I set my self a task to keep up with her and swim as much as she did. which was quite a lot.. rather out of breathe when I got out the pool.

1 day down and a lot more to go. 

I am working on an eating plan, what to eat before and after swimming.

Started off with this banana and milk milkshake :D 

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  1. I love swimming but can't do it to save my life, 10 lengths and I'm almost drowning xx


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