My New Look shopping Spree

Please bare with me if this post is rubbish.. or the in fact the pictures! This is my first proper fashion post in a long time. I am not going to take a picture of me with the clothes on as I am not that comfortable yet because of my weight... but here we go!!

If you have any tips on how to photograph wearing clothes please do let me know x

Black Lace Print Lightweight Scarf

£6.99 from New Look

 I purchased this mainly for when I am working, it is office smart and looks good with a white top and smart trousers. Feels great too. I hate heavy scarfs that make your neck ache after wearing.

I also purchased Black Cable Fleece Leggings
 £12.99 from New Look 

These feel AMAZING so so soft.. I bought the Medium. I recommend the Large though because they are a bit short from the bum to the leg.. but they still feel great. 

I love t-shirts, I am a very casual person when it comes to clothes, I am not a frilly dress / short skirt person at all.

I am usually a 14-16 size for tops.. depending on the boobage really. 
sometimes a top fits perfect on the boobs and too baggy on the tummy, so it is really hard to fit a top that fits all over. This blue top is a 16 as it is a bit tighter (different material) and I don't think t-shirts should be stuck to your body anyway, a bigger size makes it feel a little bit more comfortable and freedom for sitting down :D haha

Wedgewood Blue American Revival Oil Wash T-Shirt

£6.99 from New Look

I also purchased this beauty <3 I have a huge thing for black t-shirts 
Black Paris City of Love T-Shirt

This top is a size 14, it is still big even though, it is very odd how different fabrics come up different sizes, it is often hard to find out what size you really are, Some tops that are a 12 I can still fit into, but that's another post another day :D 

£7.99 from New Look


  1. Love those tees.. love the leggings too actually but I never wear them nowadays :( Right now I am excited to wear my onsie! :3 Great haul <3 Love haul posts xx

  2. My daughter is a big fan of New Look and has tons of vouchers to spend there from Christmas and her birthday!

    Found you on UK Bloggers group.
    CJ x

  3. Love all of these :) I need some new leggings myself, hopefully I get some for my birthday! I get so fed up with jeans plus they are horrible in this weather! roll on summer :-D

  4. Love the scarf :) x


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