MUA Blusher

A good friend of mine has been blogging about MUA products for a while and she has got me hooked on the bandwagon.. I recently purchased an MUA blusher as my old blusher was running out and breaking up. I decided I would treat myself to a new blusher. 

MUA was not my first choice as I haven't used their makeup much before but I thought as the price was great, the colour looked good I decided to go with the amazing £1 price tag. 

I love bright colours and was pretty shocked to see such a cheap product looked so pretty on. 

This picture is taken from google, however it is the exact same product / shade as the product I am referring to. 
Blusher Shade 1 +0.00

I just use my finger as I am not really 1 for lots of brushes for different things. 
But it applies onto the face really softly, if smudges in nicely and it stays on for a number of hours. 

I think I am falling for MUA products too. 

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  1. I had one of their powder blushes but it smashed on the way home. Its not really great to use a brush with due to the size and shape of the pan anyways! I apply their cream blush in dolly with my fingers, easier colour control but I always use a brush with powder to get it even but my cheeks are dry so if I don't, it cakes on there D: Yay MUA!

    Lizzums x

  2. I have never used MUA either and never use blusher, I am more of a bronzer girl he he, I might try blusher for a more 'English Rose' look though instead of Essex orange :)


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