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Been a busy week applying for Jobs, playing the new COD black ops 2 and keeping myself amused while not spending any money .. accept on the boyfriend. isn't he lucky! 
so just because I can not spend money on myself, doesn't mean I can not window shop and that is exactly what I have been doing, the all new Funky Divaa website which is now known as FD Avenue ( LOVE the name change) it sounds so classy and so 2013!! I can just picture a store opening up in London where all the made in Chelsea girls go to shop! Fabulous!!
First view of the new website and I was confused if I had clicked on the correct link! it looked amazing, with flashy scrolling pictures on the front the nice center page, FD you have hit the spot! There is also this rather yummy looking lad on the front, I kept waiting for him to scroll back around to have another peek!
The way you can navigate around is so simple and easy I think even my mum could work this one out!
I love the "new in" section, I always go straight to this section to see what new bargains I can grab before any of my friends hit the new trends!
I think I might just have to buy this jumper its so Bridget Jones and so so cute!! 

Image 1

There are so many new designs and colours and new everything , I love it!!

There is a men section too!! - this is awesome, now I can get the boyfriend all his xmas clothes from here! :D 

I like the idea they have for the curvy girls, maybe a section for taller people too? not that I am tall, actually I am very short.. can we have a short section as well??

I love this new site, The layout, the navigation and the new clothes and I recommend you check this out as well. 

So why not treat you self for Christmas with my own personal Discount code - CHARLOTTE15

I hope you enjoy, please let me know any purchases you have made, would love to see your bargains!! 


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