more of a diary post ...

I've learnt a few things recently, in fact I am always learning as are you, but each time we do something and it goes wrong or right we learn something new. 

This time it's about myself and who I am. 

I am often alone, in fact I am so use to being "alone" I choose this option most of the time. I don't mean just not having a boyfriend but friends too. I have been hurt by a few people I thought were very close to me, I decided to shut everyone out and I've learnt its not right. People are always going to hurt you, but you need to make space for the real friends you meet along the way. So what if I argue with a few people, obviously we were not meant for friends and it's time I stopped beating myself up over it. 

The next thing I have learnt is I can have a day of chocolate in fact 2 days maybe even 3.. I also do not like galaxy mouses.. yuk!!!!

This is more a diary post than anything but I needed to get it down to make me feel better and realise, it's not that big of a loss if someone gets blocked or deleted, just means there is room for someone new!!!!

Do you like galaxy?? 

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