Living alone..

So I have finished university and I am in the big wide world but one major event that happened in my life before I finished university was living by myself. I had a few years where I shared a house with some "friends", but my final year after moving out of my ex boyfriends flat after a bad break up I was left on my own. I have my own little flat now and as lovely as it can be to have silence and things where you want, it can be very daunting to realise you are actually on your own. 

Living with friends is slightly different because you always have that sound or the assurance of that they are there, living on your own is totally different. 

I am very safe, I have a burglar alarm which can often be a little over sensitive when it is just me coming through the door lol and I always ensure I lock my doors and windows. 
I am also surrounded by some lovely neighbours who look out for me and when I go away to visit my family my neighbour has a spare key and checks my flat often, I also do this for her's. :)

In a few days time I am going to post some pictures up of my flat, It is not completely decorated but I think it is time I opened up and showed people my lovely little home.

When I first moved in I felt very lost and lonely and I always turn to a site called, it is really useful for a lot of problems you may be having or occurring and I urge you to check it out. It has been great for me.

I live with my two fish and my hamster Harvey. 
Next I would like a puppy, but as I am low on funds I think a kitten would be easier 


Keep an eye our for my post about my flat and how I manage to keep myself occupied even though I live alone.

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  1. And imagine that you are living my dream! Since I was 4 years old I said to my mommy my biggest dream is to be living by my own on my own house! Now I've added "finish university" to my dreams list :)

    Congrats to you girl! I think you are doing a great job!


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