A tough cookie to crack


This is me sat outside in my parents garden on my laptop, job hunting!!

oooo the joys of job hunting

I have just finished university and I have the title BA hons after my name, but this does not make it any easier to find myself a decent job.

I have looked on 1000s on websites and nothing, every job I have applied for and had an interview for never get back to me.

The London job I wanted I have turned down because it is too much of a hassle to move to London, and travel and would of been a waste of time, I need to be sensible.. 

sooo what next.

I have a degree in Business and I have a passion for Marketing and Pr roles but there is nothing out there.. nothing local and I can't afford to move.
As well as that every job I can find they all want a 1st class degree student and as hard as I tried I did not get that. 

Life is currently one tough cookie!!


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I graduated last July and really struggled, despite all my works experiance and good grades, to find a job of any sort! Even admin jobs are asking for like 5 years experiance sometimes! Have you looked into post-graduate courses or graduate schemes? Keep trying and try and do some volunteer work while you look, anything you can stick on your cv! Good luck! xx

  2. im worried about this in a years time! i start my 3rd year in september, dreading it!


  3. aww Kirsty hopefully the job market will have calmed down by the time you get around to it.

    and adele I am looking into volunteer work :) fingers crossed thank you xx

  4. you'll find something soon hun xxxx


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