Veet review

Just a quick post, a few days ago I asked some friends if they new of anything that I could use to do my legs/bikini line..and a friend mentioned Veet, I went into ASDA and saw Veet cream was on offer ( I can't remember the price).

I wasen't to sure it worked because it does not involve a razor or a sharp blade to trim your hair, so i was in two minds about this. However, I sat in the bath put some cream onto my leg, ( I haden't tested it, which you should do as it recommends, but I never test things anyway) , waited 7mins timed by my phone, it says min 5mins, max 10mins so I thought 7 would be just right! 

I used this little plastic thing they give you and within one wip of the cream, my legs magically had no hair, I was amazed so I finished of my leg, rinsed it off and felt them so so soft, this is the softest EVER!!! even when shaving I have never got them that soft, I then put the cream on for aftercare that they also give you and it was so soft and silky. I loved it, it smelt quite nice and fresh too, it dried within minutes and my legs have never felt so soft and smooth!! I am going to be using this AGAIN for sure!! 

I really wanted to tell you because I had been struggling for a while to find something that would not make my legs sore or give me eczema. I love veet!! 

There are loads of different types of veet cream you can get, for you underarms, legs, bikini line and I think they are in most superstores as well as Boots! 

If you try veet or have used it before, leave me a comment, I'd love to hear how you feel about it.

I am off to ASDA to get some more!!

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