Photographing an 8 hour gig

Wednesday evening I was asked to photography a live gig for 8hours at 
The Grapes in Stafford

I was really excited about this, but dreading it at the same time as 8hours was so long, I knew I would get hungry by 8pm!!

anyway, the night was really good, I went prepared with my ear plugs, (because I would be deaf standing next to the speakers for 8hours) 

I had 3 drinks, water, ice tea and a coke to keep my sugar levels up. 

Some of the bands I photography were amazing, they are all unsigned and looking for more gigs and to get their name out there and I was surprised how good some of them were.  The gig actually started at 5pm and finished at 2:30am .... which was a little longer than planned... 

I have a few photos to show you of the night, I am still currently editing and putting up the other photos I took. 

I used my old Nikon D70.

I have a passion for black and white photography, so most of my work is in black and white, However I do have coloured copies if any of the artists request them. 

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