No interview this time..

So I had a really nice post ready for you all, I had planned to ask lamis khamis - a fashion designer, some interesting questions and to help promote her new designs, but it seems she is too busy, So that idea has been scrapped..

anyway this is what I would have liked to ask her, If you or know anybody who is a fashion designer and would like to have their company promoted via my blog to over 190 people and on twitter world wide, please let me know :)

I love helping people and I love promoting business as it is a huge passion of mine. Help me, help them 


The questions: 
Q1. How did you become interested in fashion design?

Q2. Where do you get your design inspiration?

Q3. What is your favourite piece you have designed? (show picture if possible)

Q4. What is the most memorable point in your career so far?

Q5. Any big plans for the future, i.e collaborating with any other celebs/designers apart from Katie Price

Q6. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion?

Q7. What trends do you see being big for 2010?

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