Clare Marie Marshall Fashion Designer Interview

Since posting the post below I have had 3 people come back to me about fashion designers and interviewing and I am please to do my first interview with 

Clare Marie Marshall

First of all thank you Clare for taking part in this little interview

 So first off, how did you become interested in fashion design?

I've been interested in design since I was young. My love of making all things crafty started my design journey. I decided when i was 15 it was the fashion route i wanted to go down.
 Where do you get your design inspiration?

Anything and everything.

  What is your favourite piece you have designed? 

My graduate collection, my floral draped coat and my silk maxi dress. 

Silk Maxi Dress 

 What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start in fashion?

Work hard, stick in, and don't give up!

 What trends do you see being the trends for 2011/2012?

The 70's wide flare trouser is strong within the autumn/winter 2011 as well as biker chic, mixing tough fabrics with softer shaped styles. 

Clare has just taken part  in the Northumbria Graduate Show at the Baltic on Quayside
Where her stunning designs were modeled. 

Clare's website is launching soon!! get you're eyes pealed!!

 Here are some of her designs: 

All photos and designs are copyright © Clare Maire Marshall
and Photographer   © Idene Roozbayani  

To view the pictures in more detail please click the image 

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