I won an award :)

The lovely bex over at Futures  awarded me another blog :)

I also received the same award from Rachel at sweet rachel blogs 

so thats double the trouble!! xx 

Thanks girls 

Name your favourite color: Blue, purple, silver, black .. too many!!
Name your favourite song: oh wow.. at the moment, Pararmore , monster 
Name your fav dessert: CHOCOLATE EVERY TIME!!
What is pissing you off? a guy, who is ignoring me, even though i told him i was in love with him.
Your favourite pet: my two cats, my two fish and my hamster x
Black or White? Black
Your biggest fear is...: dying?
Your best feature is...: my eyes or boobs lol
Everyday attitude: smile
What is perfection? dairy milk!
Guilty pleasure: shameful music!

The rules are:
1. Link back to the person who passed you the award:
Already done!

2. Share 7 random things about yourself.

1. I love being lazy
2. Chocolate is my best friend lol
3. I love cheesy music!
4. I like to think I am a good cook.
5. I have few close friends but they are amazing
6. I want to live in New York!
7. I am addicted to twitter

3. Award 2 blogs. MY favourite two this week x
Emma at yummymummy 
Sam at the beauty diaries 


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  1. i also gave you this award on my blog yesterday hun, but i never got time to email everyone :) so you got 3!!



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