Garnier Nutrisse

Decided to dye my hair tonight, as a regular user of changing my hair colour, I pretty much know every brand and what they are like. 
Anyway a new box was brought out by Gariner a while ago, was even recommended in a magazine 
(cant remember the name obviously was not a very good magazine). 
I thought wow their colours are usually lovely I will give this a whirl. The box shows on the side, your dark brown colour will go to a nice golden blonde. now I know many of these boxes lie about the colours to encourage you to buy them but seeing as if shows dark dark brown to a nice blonde I thought this has to work else how else could they sell it, it would be false advertising. 

The bottom colour is what i was expecting!!!

my hair already had blonde high-lights onto of a very dark dark brown 
my hair before!!!! (with layered extensions although my was the exact same brown as the extensions ) 

my hair after! the highlighted parts have gone more blonde, but there is still a hint of brown. I covered it all over with the colour all for the same time. 

my hair after 50 minutes of the dye being on.
the box only said 30 minutes but as it did not change much I left it on longer!

this is my result 

I am not happy with this result as my highlighted parts are more blonde and the brown is still at the ends/underneath it has not really done what it says it will do at all.

The colour of the blonde which my highlights are is lovely but it does not do what it says on the box.

 false advertising! 
I do not recommend this box if you are looking to go from dark brown to blonde and best to stick to bleach, I thought it was to good to be true. 

I give this hair dye 


So I woke up Friday morning and my hair looked
no offense to ginger I love the colour usually but when its the colour from a poor dye 
I hate it!!!

not happy =(
now have to re dye it another colour


  1. So it didn't even go a bit gingery? I tried a similar thing last year and mine went orange, oops!

  2. no ginger thank god!! haha but i was not impressed thought it would do a lot more than it did xx

  3. i have always ginger hair ;/
    Wrrr... Im so angry about it.

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  4. i did a blog on this brand of hair dye and i loved it.

    to go from like a light brown to blonde i'd recommend loreal excellence, it's got one which has a pre lightener in it. it made my care really dry but not as dry as i would bleach would. i started off with really dark blonde hair and i went a lovely shade of light blonde, i have a picture of before on my blog.

    hope this helped :)

    lucy x


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