Collection 2000

I noticed a lot of people were buying this colour and posting about it, so I thought I would join on the band wagon and buy the colour myself and see what results I would get.

Sorry for the wrinkly hand, it looks old? haha. 

I am a fan of Collection 2000 HOT looks nails and this is now also another favourite colour of mine.

I dont like to spend much on nail varnish as I do not wear it often and usually special occasions. 

The colour is stunningly gorgeous!!! its a soft tone and looks great when wearing a black top.

The nail varnish drys really quickly, but it seems to need more than 1 coat for the colour to look strong as it streaks a little bit, for a cheap nail varnish you cant really expect it to be 100% perfect, However I am impressed!!

I rate 8/10 :)


  1. I absolutely adore that colour! May have to invest in it myself! xo


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