My hair styles

I realised after my last post I have about 3 pictures of myself with different hair and I have a very serious habit of changing my hair, and this is not a monthly thing, more like a weekly thing!

so I decided I would show you all my hair styles, your welcome to copy my styles if you wish and use yourself and if you have any question how I have done them please ask. 

These are in order from oldest to newest.. (hopefully I remembered correctly) unless stated extensions this is all my own hair 

2002 ish this is my natural colour 

with some pink added to ends and underneath

then when my hair grew I added brown underneath

I had my hair cut for a photo-shoot still with brown 
but now low-lights on top

then had a fringe put in

I then had a blue streak put in 

 and then dyed it browner with the blue
Then I decided I wanted to be all dark brown it does look black though

a year later I got bored of that hair style, had a fringe re cut and my blonde put back with some darker shades underneath

once my fringe grew out I had a lot cut off. felt like I had lost my hair

Still short =( 

this is with black extensions although my hair was getting long at this point. 
The purple is my hair

Then I decided to go red, still long

Hello blunt fringe and BRIGHT red hair!! it was bright haha

 I then went back to dark brown but this picture is only last year
I have been brown and on and off with blonde hi-lights for about 3 years now
and my hair is long again yay!!

and this is what my hair currently looks like!

Thanks for looking at all my crazy and dramatic hair styles! I think they are all in order but never mind if not lol please tell me your favourite if you have one, I would love to know xXx


  1. I like when your hair is blonde. :) I dont know suits you . ) Red hair is nice too

  2. i miss it blonde too lol but i think i have had it brown for long i am now scared to change it lol, i do keep re-cutting my fringe in though and let it grow when it gets in my eyes haha thanks for your comment xxx

  3. very pretty x

  4. You hair is SERIOUSLY awesome! I'm so jealous! Your hair looks great, especially straight with that blue streak! You look great!

  5. thank you hun, i have so many more pictures i could of posted but they would of filled the page haha xx


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