Fancy Eye make-up

I was given a voucher to spend in Boots so I decided to treat myself to some gorgeous new make-up 

※ Prestige Skin Loving Minerals  - Sun-baked EYE-SHADOW not bronzer! 
they have similar packaging!

 I brought a new Bourjois Paris Volume Glamour Ultra Black ( my favourite mascara)

※ Collection 2000 Extreme 245 hour Felt Tip Liner

※ Kohl Pencil Barry M

※ Barry M Fuchsia (Pink)

This is the eye-shadow, it is amazing!! Although it is not called eye shadow it is called eye bronzing powder, where people can get confused with the actual bronzer! The eye shadow does not break into little pieces, I even dropped it on the floor (by accident) and it still looks as beautiful as ever!

the bronzer which I have also purchased has a different texture and not as soft
which would make it hard to use as eye shadow as it just sort of falls off, the packaging is also slightly different.

It has a very soft velvet touch yet it does not smudge once put onto the eye lids. I think this may be my favourite purchase so far of 2011!

£9.49 in Boots UK

This is my first attempt of Leopard print eyes 
Once I have practised more I hope these to be perfect

These are my attempts for Tiger eyes

Both eyes

These probably are not very good compared to others you have seen, but I love it and I am going to keep trying until they are perfect!!! 

All make-up used is shown in the picture above apart from a white eye shadow which I have added for effect.

If you would like tips on how to do this please leave a comment. 
I would love to help

Please comment on your views or tips, all appreciated xXx


  1. you have amazing eyelashes! i love the lepard print too!! xxx

  2. thanks for my first attempt lol. i was just experimenting, will get better in time hopefully :)


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