Last competiton/give away :) enjoy x

I have 3 competitions running over 3 days.. the first and second competitios are now closed for your chance to be entered into the final all you have to do is follow the simple steps. However they are changing slightly day to day so make sure you read properly. 

Worth £7.00
And gorgeous, they are BRAND NEW!!

This competition is open until Tuesday 8pm 
winner will be announced shortly after via an on-line generator 

For your chance to be entered all you have to do is

Tell me your favourite post on my blog :)

Write your name in a comment 

UK only sorry!

You do not need to be a follower of my blog however I would appreciate it if you did follow :)
anyone who then unfollows my fb page after competition has closed will not be entered into any future competitions or giveaways ever again. 


  1. My favourite, although sad, would be your post about depression and self-harm because it is so honest & shows the real you. It is such a well-written piece of writing and it almost made me cry :(
    Love you! xxx

  2. hey gorge! :)

    my favourite bit of your blog is the photos you choose to talk about (the love lock in particular, i'd love to visit that! you have a good eye) and also your jewellery bit, cos its so cute and creative!

    loveages, Claire Miller :) <3 xxx

  3. I loved the posts you did about your sore eyes & trying out the Clinique & Garnier. It was great to see someone show the real them..scabby bits and all!!
    Kirsten x


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