I want to move..

I love my flat I really do, but when you have a rude neighbour below you, even the nicest place can seem like hell!

I had a noise compliant in the post today, obv it's been made by the guy below me, but I am not noisy. I even tell my own mother to stop walking on her heels when she comes to visit because I get worried that the guy downstairs will get annoyed So I really do not understand why he has decided to make a compliant.

A lot of the time I can hear HIM, he talks SO LOUD!! he voice echos up towards me, but I don't complain I am dealing with it..

I have never had a house warming party again because I did not want the noise to affect people. 

The woman who lived here before me seemed to want to get out pretty quick, and she tried to make the guy below seem like the perfect neighbour.
 I am starting to think she was lying about it and he made her life hell too..

it's not just the noise, it's little things like he smokes and it comes up to my windows and I smell it, the smell also comes up to my airing cupboard and makes my bed sheets stink of smoke. I have never smoked in my life and I think it's disgusting. 

what do I do... ? I love my flat it's my home but I can't deal with tip toeing about and knowing he knows he can get to me :(


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