Save the tigers

This is a really random post, but made me smile lots. 

A tiger released back into the wild after it was caught by poachers
these are amazing pictures 

"This is the incredible moment an angry and fearsome tiger makes a bid for freedom - after being rescued from a poacher's snare.

The hulking beast, named Victor, was nursed back to health by experts for a week after being caught in a brutal snare set by ruthless hunters.

The nine-year-old Amur tiger, who was spotted by students in a remote Russian forest who heard him roaring in pain after being trapped in a cable snare.

The bleeding beast, who would have been worth up to $10,000 on the black market for its bones and skin alone, was finally released to safety in the frozen wastes of eastern Russia after being treated for cuts to his skin. "

This is what the WWF do to help tigers.

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  1. they defo are worst people, how can they harm such a magnificent creature x


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