I love a good freebie :)

Sorry for the lack of posting I have been so so busy

I currently run my own Jewellery business, my own photography business,  Wedding planning business, I have been helping 2 friends with their wedding going shopping and looking for bits and pieces and trying to fit in searching for a swim teaching job as well as other bits and bobs.. so much to do, not many hours in the day! ha 

anyway I treated to myself to a magazine the other day, Cosmopolitan, I never usually buy this magazine but it had a gorgeous picture of Rihanna and some juicy headlines on the front cover, it also had a FREE MissGuided nail varnish and for £3.99 I could not refuse!! I fell in love with the colour when I saw it. 

I have had this colour on for a day now, and slept with it on, it dried very quick, it did not smudge and the colour is still gorgeous as ever!!!

If you buy the magazine with the nail varnish it also comes with your very own 15% discount code for Missguided.co.uk 


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