Decisions Decisions

OOO I feel so confused and stuck on what to do with my life, I always find something good then someone ruins my plans.. I am unsure if I want to do wedding planning any more, it just doesn't seem me, I love my photography but its so competitive and its so hard to get my work out there.. what shall I do.?? 

I am dying for a job, pref part time swimming job or full time if it was a swim job I guess but not a full time job because I want to do my other bits, decisions decisions ...

I also want to move back home to my parents, but then its sort of being defeated.. at least I had a job there, but here I have my independence.. what do I do?

Anyways I will sleep on it for now and tomorrow I will decid
e, please check back on my blog for a post on the fab competition I won from Anna smith with a stunning necklace, a gorgeous cat post and 

a post on a goody bag I won from Emma, which is long over due, Promise I will do it, not had much spare time on my hands recently, consider I don't have a job or children or a husband I am impressed with how I can occupy myself

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