EXCLUSIVE Barbie interview with Avon

AVON did an exclusive barbie interview and her secret to success

I read this and I loved it so im going to share a little with you :)

We hear it was your birthday in March, hope you had a lovely day. Do you mind if we ask how old you are?

No I don’t mind at all! I just celebrated by 50th last year and it was a blast!  We had so many parties and FAB events around the world! It was amazing and I was so touched that so many people were there for me! 

You look amazing for your age, do you mind sharing with us your secrets for looking so youthful and contemporary?Attitude is everything! If you feel good, you look good! And of course FAB outfits, great shoes and must-have accessories keep you current! Plus a great trip to a spa always works wonders, too!

You’re an extremely successful woman, what are your secrets to success?Careers have always been extremely important to me, and I want women to know that if you can dream it, you can be it! I’ve had over 125 careers and I’m still counting! From astronaut to computer engineer to fashion model to art teacher, there isn’t anything we girls can’t do! - I have all the outfits too!!

One question we’ve been dying to ask – how is Ken and does he have any bad habits that make you laugh or annoy you?
Let me think about that! Ken is the perfect boyfriend for every occasion! We’ve been going strong for over 43 years (with one break up from 2004 to 2011) but we just got back together on Valentine’s Day! He’s my ultimate arm candy, prince charming and true love. There is one thing—he did have a few fashion mishaps over the years and I didn’t really like his no-shaving phase. Other than that, he’s an absolute doll!

Do you like social networking? 
I LOVE social networking—it’s a natural for me, don’t you think? I’m on Facebook and Twitter all the time! There’s so much to say and update all the time. You should check out my pages at: facebook.com/Barbie and twitter.com/barbiestyle.


I use to love Barbie as I am sure you did too and I think the new products are something you will love to share with your children too ..

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Hope you enjoy xXX

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  1. omg i love Barbie!! This is sooo cute and funny!!! thank you for your comment xx


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