Today I went on a date, I was really excited about it because I haven't been taken on a date in months we had planned to meet in our local park and go for a drink and a walk. It was actually a lovely hot day today, my car temp said 28degrees. 

I have a burnt nose lol.

I wore my New Look white trousers 

They are only £17.99 from New Look

I also wore a simple blue top

with some nice flip flops 

I did't want to wear something too girly as I have little confidence and I would start worrying about how I look, so I went for the easy simple option.

The date didn't really go as well, I had other things on my mind and we just didn't click, I don't think he liked me either lol he was so shy. 

 I think I have only ever clicked with 2 guys in my life before and I've lost both of them now. anyway

He was a lovely guy, and we got talking about what we both liked, I think I talked more than him probs about 85% of the meeting was me talking haha but never mind, I love a good natter. I hope I have made a friend at least from it anyway. 

I don't feel I am ready to find someone and be with them yet, I just enjoy being myself and finding out who I am. 

We ended with a hug and went our separate ways, I decided to go into a cafe to get myself a drink and sit in the sun just a little longer, was nice. 


sorry it's not a very interesting entry, my life seems a bit boring at the moment lol 


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