Worst Film Ever!!!

I haven't even finished watching it, but I am already bored and writing this review.. it is awful..

£5 in asda I paid for this, I want my £5 back!!!!

There is no real story, it is a little like love actually but worse... 

Its about 7 people ( so far) and this isnt half way yet, and they are all totally different, not linked, boring, dull depressed... it doesn't even put New York in a good light. 

The cast are good, they are some of the best actors/actresses in the business, but who ever directed this film or even thought of it.... needs to find a better job :)

its more of a foreign film.. turned into English, but still some foreign language going on ... 

I give ... 2/10!! ... and thats being generous 

this may be someone else's cuppa T. but it really is not mine 

if you would like to buy it from me for £5 leave a comment xx

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  1. I was thinking about watching this though but I never seems to get watch it because I always end up watching different movie ... heheh.. I think that's the reason..so bad.. even my movie instinct stay away from this.. hehehe


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