I was kindly given a choice to have any item of their site for free for reaching 10 people using 
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So, as a long lover of hair extensions I was so excited to try out the hair extensions they have to offer.

I love them!!

This is the link of the hair extensions I choose

The colour matches with my hair perfectly!! 
they could not of got any closer!!

can you spot the extensions?? 

As a wearer of extensions for many years I can spot some good ones or bad ones 
these are real hair 100% They feel so soft and so easy to put in.

I will never and have never had glued in extensions because this damages your own hair and can split hair at the root 

check this picture out of Britney with bad extensions, she had glued in extensions and it is not a pretty sight!! 

I recommend funky divaa hair extensions (Halo) 
They are so easy to clip into between your hair, making sure you have just enough to cover up the clips, make sure you get a colour close to your own

you can dye REAL hair extensions, however I wouldn't recommend doing that, it will make them go dry and flaky. 

Do you like them?

For your chance to get your hands on some gorgeous hair extensions check out 
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The delivery was super-fast and arrived the next day after I emailed Funkydivaa 

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